• Syntronics Headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

  • BLU-Fuze Telemetry System

  • CoronaFinder

  • Semi-Active Laser Test Lab

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Table

  • 60 Channel Data Recorder

  • Compact Guidance Electronics Unit

  • Guidance Integrated Fuze Electronics

  • Guidance Integrated Fuze Assembled

  • Custom Cameras

  • Low Cost GEU

  • Safety Sentry Airport Surveillance

  • Spin Test Table

  • Micro S-Band Transmitter & Antenna

Syntronics, LLC

Syntronics manufactures a broad variety of embedded processing, electro-mechanical and optical products for military and commercial applications.  We also provide custom electronics, software/firmware, and mechanical engineering for unique requirements.  Our three technology / business areas are Guidance Systems, Instrumentation Systems, and Night Vision Systems.

Syntronics is a registered ISO 9001:2008 company.

Featured products include: