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Syntronics manufactures a broad variety of embedded processing, electro-mechanical and optical products for military and commercial applications.  We also provide custom electronics, software/firmware, and mechanical engineering for unique requirements.  Our technology business focuses are Guidance Systems and in-flight instrumentation for projectiles and missiles and Night Vision/Forensic Systems.

Now being developed:


Command Guidance Two-Way Radio System     A compact system for establishing a two-way S-band radio link between an operator controlled ground station and a projectile is under development.  This system will be available during the 2nd quarter of 2017.


16MP Color Forensics Camera      Syntronics is developing a new 16MP color camera for forensics applications.  Our patented 16 Mega-Pixel Digital RUVIS (Reflective Ultra-Violet Imaging System) FSC (Full Spectrum Camera) with the Full Color option not only takes high resolution black and white photos in the full spectrum from 200nm UV to 1100nm IR, but also takes extremely sharp high resolution photos in full color.

Latent fingerprints can be captured using reflective 254nm UV illumination or documents and gunshot residue in the IR spectrum. Then, without moving the evidence, a high resolution full color image can then be taken from the exact same perspective. Capture any forensic evidence visible to the eye, including fluorescing evidence such as body fluids, fibers, and inks, in high resolution, vibrant color.

Switching from the full spectrum black and white mode to full color is simple and quick. Remove the UV or IR filter, focus the lens, and adjust the camera gain and exposure time if needed. Then select the "Color" option from the menu and press "Save". After a few seconds, a vibrant full color high resolution image will appear on the screen which can then be placed in a selected location on the computer hard drive.

This camera will be available in the 4th quarter of 2016 and will be sold by Arrowhead Forensics.  


DSALS     Syntronics is pleased to announce the development of a new Digital Semi-Active Laser Seeker (DSALS).   The new digital architecture has allowed us to drastically reduce the size and cost of our seeker.  Although we call it a seeker, DSALS is really a complete guidance system including a high performance processor and an integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU).  Measuring only 1.14" dia. X 2.00" long DSALS holds the record for micro-miniature, low cost, SAL guidance systems.  This unit is ready to fly now.  It is complete with all power supplies, computer processor, and analog front end, and it's small enough to easily fit into a 40mm airframe.  Best of all DSALS draws less than 4 watts total.   We have done extensive development on the DSALS software.  It's complete.  And there is space for the most sophisticated flight control software with a processor more than capable of executing the code.

DSALS has recently been shock tested and is capable of gun launch environments exceeding 35,000 Gs.