Core Capabilities - micro computer, data recording, and sensors



Mechanical High-G Packaging

Many of the systems that we develop must survive and operate under high-G’s.  Our instrumentation routinely sees 20,000 G’s and some of our flight recorders are subjected to over 50,000 G’s.  Our engineers are experts at protecting electronics to survive in these environments.

Miniature Projectile Guidance Systems

We have pioneered the development of miniature, low-cost guidance systems.  All are capable of fitting easily into a standard NATO fuze.  We are developing guidance electronics and software for numerous defense contractors in applications involving conventional and hypervelocity projectiles and mortars.

Control Actuation Systems

Developing flight controls for spinning projectiles increases the need for highly responsive control surfaces.  We have developed the electronics and software necessary to command miniature control motors for guiding spinning projectiles and missiles accurately to their target.

Specialty Cameras

We are among the few companies in the world who can transform any daylight camera into a night vision device.  Our technology allows us to modify camera sensors for applications involving ultraviolet or installation of image intensification devices.  One application involves identification of corona discharge in high voltage equipment by detection of ultraviolet light.

High Speed Data Recording

Converting multiple channels of analog data into very accurate digital is an important element of weapon field testing.  Our engineers have developed a small device capable of recording and transmitting 60 channels of 16 bit data at 40,000 samples per second.  Faster models are on the drawing board.

Micro-Processor Telemetry Systems & Data Recorders

Over the years of testing various projectile and missile systems, the need for low-cost, gun hardened, telemetry and flight recording systems has always been a problem.  Started by building low cost recorders, then became expert on flight instrumentation, developed our own line of telemetry transmitters, and recently rolled out the BLU series of telemetry and flight recorders. 

Fingerprint Detection and Enhancement

Our LatentMaster fingerprint system was developed to detect and enhance latent fingerprints.  It is the most capable of its kind in the world.  Under development for the US Army is a lower cost field portable version that uses the same advanced software but, because of technology advancements, much lower cost components.