• Flight Testing

  • DSALS Semi-Active Laser Guidance System

  • 40mm Instrumented Mortar

  • Assembled Guidance System

  • GEU

  • Assembled Guidance Integrated Fuze

  • Hyper-Velocity Projectile Control System Testing

  • Single Axis GEU

Precision Guidance for High-Speed Vehicles


Syntronics Guidance Systems Division develops guidance computers and software for guided projectiles, missiles, mortars, and UAVs.  We specialize in the development of small Guidance Electronic Units (GEUs) that will operate on a variety of small to large projectiles and other munitions, typically including spinning airframes.  Our guidance systems are small enough to completely fit inside a standard NATO fuze. We have developed semi-active laser and GPS based systems.  Our customer base includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as many major defense contractors.  Recently developed is a compact Semi-Active Laser (SAL) guidance system called D-SALS that fits comfortably into a 40mm diameter body.  Since this can be economically maufactured, it is ideal for small mortars and UAVs.  Currently under development is an RF command guidance system for projectiles.

We have developed GPS guidance systems for 81mm mortars, 120mm mortars, and 155mm projectiles.  Prototype guidance systems have also been developed for the US Navy's Hyper-Velocity projectile.  Work on 81mm UAV airdropped systems have resulted in successful tests.

Because we use modular elements in our designs and software implementations, the time required to develop new guidance and control modules (GEUs) is significantly shotened.


For more information contact Mike Duckett (mduckett@syntronics.net)  540-374-1000 X122.