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Brian Tacke 540-374-1000 x118

MicroLine Standard S-Band Transmitter

Syntronics’ family of truly miniature S-Band Telemetry Transmitters range from 0.33 watts RF output power to 2 watts RF output power. These tiny S-Band Telemetry Transmitters allow you to integrate telemetry into even the smallest system. Also, the small size and high power of these transmitters allow telemetry for larger systems to be unobtrusive, requiring minimal volume, as well as being low in cost. The smallest Syntronics Telemetry Transmitter is on a single circuit board only 0.9 inches in diameter, yet has an RF output of 0.33 watts and runs on only 3.3 volts.  Our Standard S-Band Telemetry Transmitter is mechanically identical to the M/A-COM HSTSS transmitter, but with better performance, lower price, and, more importantly, is always available in six weeks or less.

The transmitter frequency is specified at the time of the order and can be any where from 2.205GHz to 2.295GHz in 500kHz increments.  

This family of S-Band Telemetry Transmitters have been extensively tested by our many customers and have been proven to be reliable in the harsh gun launch environment. In fact,  they are specified to survive a gun launch environment of up to 20,000Gs when properly mounted.

All of the miniature S-Band Telemetry Transmitter configurations are available with a three week typical, six week maximum, lead time from the receipt of order.

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations or complete Telemetry Solutions are welcome.


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The Standard S-Band Transmitter is mechanically identical to the MACOM HSTSS but has better efficiency and more power output.
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